The Feels is a web series about a bisexual guy with way too many emotions. it’s about bisexuality, gentle masculinity, and mental health.

Charlie is a bisexual guy from long island.
S is a nonbinary person in a polyamorous relatinoship.

Your daily dose of humanity

ife is one of two first-generation immigrant high school best friends who decide to try out love.
kat is a bisexual person going through recovery.


a quiet scene from the feels, a web series about bisexuality, gender, and mental health.
charlie is a new york city teacher who struggles with depression and anxiety.

Charlie is a lonely bi guy just trying to figure out what to do with all these feelings.

two male friends navigating the gray area of masculinity and sexuality.
this scene is about sharing a quiet cup of coffee. it’s also about gender, mental heatlh, and dating.



scene from the web series the feels. s and nina are in a polyamorous triad.
scene from the web series “The feels.” Ife and K are just two first-generation former besties who are trying out love.

Charlie’s story becomes one among many in a search for connection and community.

scene from the web series “the feels.” it’s about mental health, sexuality, and gender.
scene from the web series “the feels.” it’s about bisexuality, mental health, and gender.


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tim manley is the co-director of “the feels”

Tim Manley
Writer, Director, Illustrator

Writer-illustrator: Alice in Tumblr-land, Penguin; optioned for TV by 20th Century Fox.

True stories: The Moth Radio Hour, HBO’s Girls, and Gimlets Surprisingly Awesome.

naje lataillade is the co-director of “the feels.”

Naje Lataillade
Director, Cinematographer

Victoriana: Best Director at Cinequest; Best Narrative Feature and Best Film at Brooklyn Film Festival.

Modern Slavery: Amanda Award for Best Documentary.

camden elizabeth is the creative producer of “the feels.”

Camden Elizabeth
Creative Producer

Suitcase Productions: commercials (e.g. Casio), branded content, music videos (e.g. Cardi B.), TV pilots, shorts, web-series & featurettes.

Comedy Central: Brand Marketing & Event Production.